Jehan Face Care Products

Jehan Face Care Products

Jehan Face Care Products

Jehan Face Care Products

Jehan Face Care Products – The face is one part that is very much considered by both women and men. Not infrequently many people are very selective in choosing products for facial skin care, because they don’t want their facial skin to be damaged because of the wrong choice of cosmetics.

Some even consult a doctor before choosing products for their facial care. With a face that looks clean and bright, eating will add confidence to that person.

To help overcome this problem, Jehan is a solution for facial care. Jehan itself is a new Cosmetic Brand whose factory location is located in Kedang, Bogor. Jehan products are registered and certified by BPOM.

Here are some products from Jehan for your facial care:

  • JEHAN Day Cream

Jehan Day Cream is specially formulated to brighten, treat and maintain your facial skin. Equipped with Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C and B3 to brighten the skin, and enriched with peptide and moisturizer. With sunscreen and antioxidants to protect the skin from the dangers of free radicals that can cause premature aging.

  • JEHAN Night Cream

Jehan Night Cream contains Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin B3 to help tighten and reduce fine wrinkles on the face and olive oil as a moisturizer.

  • JEHAN Vitamin C Serum

The high content of vitamin C can help reduce black spots, making the skin look brighter. enriched with collagen to help tighten facial skin so that it feels smooth, soft and moist.

  • JEHAN Facial Wash

Jehan Facial Wash is specially formulated to clean the face from dirt, oil and the rest of the make up. Keep and treat skin moist.

  • Jehan TONER

Jehan toner helps to cleanse dirt and the rest of the make up on the face can clean the bacteria that causes acne, refreshes and moisturizes the skin of the face

Jehan Face Care Products

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