Danger of using fake cosmetics

Danger of using fake cosmetics

Danger of using fake cosmetics

Danger of using fake cosmetics – Beauty or cosmetic products are basic needs for women. Even millions of money are spent on buying these beauty products. But not infrequently women are deceived by fake cosmetics because they are tempted by low prices. Though the negative effects of fake cosmetics are very dangerous because it could be that the cosmetics that are sold contain dangerous chemicals.

Based on the findings of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). It turns out that there are thousands of fake cosmetics on the market including skin care and make up equipment. Fake cosmetics are usually in the form of expired cosmetics whose dates have been replaced. Cheap cosmetics repackaged in high-end cosmetic packaging. And cosmetics that use improper ingredients.

The short-term dangers of fake cosmetics can be seen immediately such as flaking and redness. While fake cosmetics can also cause acne, dull skin and other skin infections.

Tips for avoiding fake cosmetics

Buy in an official place

Buying cosmetics to an official store does not require you to come directly to a store or shopping center. Already many cosmetic companies have opened online stores through official websites and in various marketplaces. In addition to buying at an official store. Shopping for cosmetics at drugstores and department stores is also quite safe because the possibility of very little fake cosmetics can go to drugstores and department stores.

Be careful with products that are said to be imported

When buying imported products, it is better to buy products that have been circulating officially in Indonesia. There are many products that claim to be imported products and use Foreign Language labels. Even though they are only a hoax and these products are products in Indonesia. So it’s better not to buy products whose product descriptions use languages ​​that you don’t understand.

Obviously the manufacturer and distributor

Still from packaging, another thing that must considered is the company that manufactures and distributes the company. If necessary, first search the info on the internet

Observe the product

Make sure the product has obtained marketing authorization from BPOM. If you still doubt the BPOM registration number on the product is fake or genuine, you can check it on the official BPOM website. Also make sure the composition of the product and the expiration date of the product.

Danger of using fake cosmetics

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