Choosing Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Choosing Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Choosing Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Choosing Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women– Cosmetics are very important for all women, including pregnant women, of course. Also want to look beautiful even though they are pregnant. However, for pregnant women. They should not arbitrarily choose cosmetics because during pregnancy there is an increase in body weight. Hormonal changes generally affect the skin and appearance. So that pregnant women should be able to choose cosmetics that are safe to use so as not to harm the fetus.

What is wary of choosing safe cosmetics for pregnant women is that cosmetics used on the skin are absorbed by the body. Then enter the bloodstream which may be able to enter the fetal placenta so it is important to ensure that cosmetics used by pregnant women do not contain dangerous ingredients.

Here are some tips on choosing safe cosmetics for pregnant women:

1. Use of Moisturizer

Moisturizers are a mandatory product for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Which function to maintain water levels in the skin thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks.

2. Sunscreen

Research before using sunscreen products for pregnant women. Products that use oksibenzone are recommended to be avoided. This follows the results of a study that links its use with the possibility of low birth weight, especially in baby girls. But this research does not prove that sunscreen is the cause. Sunscreen products containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (zinc oxide) as cosmetics are safe for pregnant women.

3. Use The Cosmetics Needed

Avoid excessive use of cosmetics because during pregnancy tend to be more sensitive skin, easy irritation and infection. So use cosmetics to taste should not be excessive and use cosmetics that are considered necessary.

4. Avoid the Peeling Process

One of the skin care processes that should be avoided by pregnant women is to do the peeling process. Because the peeling process on the skin can cause skin to peel. When the skin is exfoliated, of course using dangerous chemicals. Its chemical content can penetrate deep into the skin, including your uterus. If you want to take care of your skin to look fresh. You should use natural ingredients. Choose Minimal Cosmetics “Have passed clinical trials” or BPOM.

Choosing Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

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