GMP Certificate for Cosmetic

PT. Joya Hougan Lestari is a cosmetics company that has been certified. To meet consumer confidence about the quality of the products manufactured by PT. Joya Hougan sustainably, we are equipped with certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for the cosmetics industry, or better known as GMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice).

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or in Indonesian called Good Manufacturing Method is basically the rules on how to achieve consistent quality in products made. There are many definitions of quality is a rather subjective term but in general meet consumer expectations. This means that the product purchased is in fact similar to those claimed on the label, appropriately used, and are not contaminated with anything that might be dangerous. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the quality that the product meets established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and has been manufactured, labeled, and held under conditions to prevent counterfeiting.

The implementation of GMP

GMP applied by industries whose products are consumed or used by consumers with a level of moderate to high risk products that include pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, household supplies, and all the industries related to the production of these products. Basically there is no reference GMP rules that are global as well as the ISO. So that each country usually has its own GMP such as America, Canada, China and India. GMP regulation in Indonesia was conducted by BPOM. As for the certification could be through BPOM or legal lemabaga GMP certification. GMP standards by BPOM itself divided per industry divided into four industries, as follows:

1. GMP standards for the pharmaceutical industry call with CPOB (Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik)

2. GMP standards for the food industry called by CPMB (Cara Pembuatan Makanan yang Baik)

3. Standard GMP for the cosmetics industry is called by CPKB (Cara Pembuatan Kosmetik yang Baik)

4. GMP standards for traditional medicine industry called by CPOTB (Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik)


 The advantages of implementing GMP

• Increase customer confidence

• Improving the image and competence of the company / organization

• Increase the opportunities the company / organization to enter global markets with product / packaging that is free of toxic materials (chemical, physical and biological)

• Increase awareness and knowledge of the product

• Participate in a food safety program

• Being a supporter of the quality management system


General requirements that must be held for Certification of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices):

• Design and facilities

• Production (operational control)

• Quality assurance

• Storage

• Pest Control

• Hygiene of personnel

• Maintenance, cleaning and care

• Settings waste handling

• Training

• Consumer Information (education)

Some types of products that meet GMP standards include:

  • Liquid
  • Viscous Liquid
  • Solid
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Powder
  • Compact Powder